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We currently have immediate availability in The Landing and Harmony Court.


We are currently seeking Supportive Housing Companions, a Recreation Coordinator and a Cook/Prep Person.  Resumes can be dropped off at Riverwood Square at 1778 Pembina Highway, or emailed to [email protected]


 Supportive Housing Companion

The Supportive Housing (SH) Companion is a multi functional worker who provides
support and supervision to individuals in Supportive Housing, promoting independence,
dignity and self esteem within a safe and secure environment. The SH Companion
supports residents through cueing, reminders and assistance with a variety of everyday
tasks. The SH Companion encourages and supports social and leisure activities helping
to keep tenants active, happy and engaged.


 Recreation Coordinator

The Recreation Coordinator shall be responsible and accountable for the planning, organizing, leading, directing, and evaluating the leisure, dining and recreational programs for the Residents of The Landing and Harmony Court. The Recreation Coordinator shall focus on what the Resident is able and enjoys doing encouraging self-motivation of the Resident to become as involved as they choose with an over-all goal of maintaining an independent life style that is meaningful and fulfilling.

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 Cook/Prep Person

The cook shall be responsible and accountable for the preparation, presentation and service of meals for Residents in The Landing and Harmony Court. They shall be responsible for the production of meals presented and served with a high standard of quality and plate presentation. They shall be responsible and accountable for maintaining the production areas of the kitchen in a sanitary safe condition.

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